Extension Fee Waiver Requirements

Owner Occupant: financing delay is entitled to one free extension.   
Owner Occupant: 203k financing may be granted up to two extensions.
Investors: are not entitled to an extension fee waiver except in the case of seller delay.
Seller Delays: matters being resolved by a HUD contractor will receive a free extension. Examples of seller delays include title issues, HOA matters or unpaid utilities.
Requests made not meeting the above criteria must remit a certified funds payable to HUD.

Supporting Documents Required - Extension

Documentation to support the extension request must clearly define the cause of delay.
If Financing: a lender letter showing current loan status signed by either the loan officer or underwriter must be included with the extension request.
If Cash: proof of funds (within the last 15 days) must be included with the extension request.

Supporting Documents Required - Cancellation

Lender Denial: formal denial letter from the lender. Note: an email from the lender is NOT acceptable and will be rejected.
Other Reasons: a letter stating the reason(s) for cancellation signed by all buyers and broker. A copy of the supporting documentation must included with the cancellation request. Examples of acceptable supporting documents include: a copy of the home inspection, termite report, lead based paint report, estimates for repairs or documentation of death.

Supporting Documents Required - Amendment

Documentation to support the requested amendment must be clearly define the reason for the amendment being requested.
Add an Owner Occupant Buyer
: must include a signed Owner Occupant Certification.  The OOC can be found here: Owner Occupant Certification