Buyer Select Closing Agent Information

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Invoices that are to be paid on the Settlement Statement should be remitted to closinginvoices@rainecompanies.com at least ten (10) days prior to closing. 

You are not required to schedule or request a closing date.  Preliminary Closing Packages must be uploaded via P260 at least five (5) days prior to closing.  

The Preliminary Closing Package must include:

Settlement Statement (CD/ALTA or HUD-1), Deed, Return Label (to return the executed Deed), Signed Closing Instructions, Supporting Documents to include: tax bills, associations invoices and any invoices for any other expenses being paid on the settlement statement. 

Raine must be notified the closing occurred on the same day of closing.  Within one (1) business day of closing closing proceeds must be wired and the post closing package must be uploaded into P260.

Include a copy of the Post Closing Checklist and SAMS -1103 in the Post Closing Package.