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  • Vendor Management

    Raine & Company's Vendor Management Solutions assist clients in controlling cost and mitigating risk while driving service excellence and increased value from their vendors. We assist clients in meeting the organization’s business objectives in development, management and controlling vendor contracts. Learn More

    Related Services

    Consulting/ Needs Assessment

    Our team will assess existing programs and processes to evaluate strategies for improvement. We focus on enhancing overall organizational performance that meets all compliance requirements utilizing Lean Six Sigma principals and NARA standards. Learn More

    Performance Management

    We design success directly into our project models to bring added value to our client’s services and processes. Our project oversight will lead to standardization, streamlined workflows, leading to increase productivity, efficiency, accuracy, speed and profitability. Learn More


    Our reporting solutions are designed for precise management visibility and accuracy, creating complete accountability, increasing business performance and improving the bottom line. We provide reporting solutions that help populate live dashboards to keep a constant health check on systems and Metrics. Learn More

    Employee Leasing

    Our staff augmentation and employee leasing solutions permits customers to make better utilization of their internal staff and avoid the burden of a non-contingent workforce for complex projects or special non-recurring needs. Better utilization leads to increased productivity and lower costs. Learn More

  • Information Governance

    Increased scrutiny and regulatory changes are forcing a closer look at operations that ensures compliance. Raine & Company can deliver end-to-end disclosure solutions for Lending Institutions. Including preparation of the closing disclosure, delivery and tracking. Raine & Company does all the work and timely implementation keeps your organization in compliance. Plus, there is no hardware or software cost to your organization. Learn More

  • Financial Services

    Raine & Company’s Real Estate Financial Services provides a structured approach to build an enterprise management framework for essential services. We efficiently manage complex, time-critical processes using proven technologies, process and procedures. Learn More

  • Project Management

    Raine & Company Project Management provides a practical, compliant, cost-effective and secure solutions by customizing your organization’s workflow needs. We adapt existing methodologies and implement new procedures to create common process and systems throughout the organization. Learn More